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Long recurrence interval of faulting beyond the 2005 Kashmir earthquake around the northwestern margin of the Indo-Asian collision zone.

   The 2005 Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan occurred on a previously mapped active fault around the northwest margin of the Indo-Asian collision zone. To address the quantitative contribution of the earthquake to plate convergence, we performed Plaeoseismological trench......
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Watch video of YasminGillani trench excavation at Nisar Camp Bandi Mir Samdani Muzaffarabad
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Geologist Professor Robert S Yeats and his team durin their visit to Yasmin Gillani Trench.
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Photos of Japanese Geologists during their visit to Yasmin Gillani Trench Muzaffarabad
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Videos of South Korean  Students during their visit to Ajaz Gillani Tent Village.
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Videos of Chikar Lake which came into being as a repercussion of Earthquake.
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Surface rupture of the 2005 Kashmir Pakistan Earthquake and Active Tectonic Implications
By: Robert S. Yeats
Abstract To provide a detailed record of a relatively rare thrust surface rupture and examine its active tectonic implication, we have conducted field mapping of the surface rupture associated with the 2005 Mw 7.6.......
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Work of CRF
Tera Wilson CRF. worked after earthquake in mzd and we will remember her efforts
Reconstruction Work
By: NGOs
Keep City Clean Day
Relief and Reconstruction Activities
by Turky
Relief & Reconstruction

Reconstruction Work
By: NGOs
Rescue & Relief Operation
by: USA
  • We are grateful to all the Countries, NGOs, People of Pakistan and Especially the Turks & United Statesfor their help, support, relief & rescue activities in that crucial time.
In The Memories Of Yasmin GIllani, Ali and Ayesha Who Were Matryed In October 8th 2005 Earthquake & Left Her Memories.
This website is dedicated to my beloved wife Yasmin Gillani. Who was always there for me in thick and thin. She always stood by me. She gave me the strength when I was weak, and cherished with me on my accomplishments. No matter what I do every day that goes by my Click here to read more..